EARON-ID™ has developed a wide range of screen-printed security devices allowing the authentication of official documents regardless of the verification conditions. These devices are scalable and above all unique solutions, a real assurance to authentication that confirms our technological advance and our resolutely innovative temper.
All these security devices are divided into three levels:


Visible to the naked eye with apparent features - consisting of images, lines and/or text. Level 1 is a fast way to visual authentication.


Invisible to the naked eye, the hidden features require the use of a simple tool: magnifying glass, flashlight, UV lamp, IR lamp or laser pen.


Distinguishable security only with complex laboratory equipment, forensic functionality requires a high level of competence and expertise to authenticate it. These security features are the ultimate tools for identifying counterfeit documents.
From security to advanced features:
  •  Instant authentication devices: the effect is visible to the naked eye in daylight..
  •  Reactive authentication devices: the effect is visible by mechanical, physical or chemical action or the use of specific lighting.
  •  Laboratory authentication devices: the effect requires laboratory analysis to verify its authenticity.
  •  Traceability devices: the security measures allow a uniqueness of the protected document and a follow-up can be carried out.
  •  Anti-photocopying devices: scanning the document will reveal security in a different state than its original state.